Shaniz Trading was found in 2008 with offices in Gauteng and its commitment is based on a fundamental requirement of Improving present and ordinary services in all spheres of trading so as to contribute towards the South African government's vision 2014 of the economy.

The company has been registered as a close - corporation with the companies and intellectual property registrar of South Africa, the South African revenue services as a tax payer trading in customs of SARS, thus considering other credible institutions such UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) so as to insure our employees.

Shaniz Trading is dedicated to providing expertise and professional services in the commercial, industrial and retail service market in the greater Mpumalanga area, the republic of South Africa and Internationally.

Since its formation, the company has become one of the industry leaders, building a solid reputation for cost effective and efficient service delivery and establishing a highly respected brand name.The foundation for the success of the company is our ability to find practical and innovative solutions to meet our clients' needs in the field of service.

One of our strengths is a thorough understanding of the market and ongoing investment in highly qualified talented staff that gives the company a competitive edge

The Company is also involved in ongoing and in-depth research into the industry of service thereby being able to advice clients on trends and all aspects of buying, selling and leasing of commercial, retail and industrial branded products

Our Vision

To be the embark of a high standard Excellence and set a trend in the market we serve

Our Mission

To maintain a sound and stable relationship with our clients and stakeholders

To provide what we promise, on time, dependably and accurately

To maintain a standard of excellence in our physical facilities, equipment & appearance of our personnel

To convey trust and confidence in our greatest assets, The employees.

Our Values

Genuine Concern





Creative Team

Implementation of business strategy and financial plans

Definition of guidelines for the internal organization and other general policies of the Group

Operational management of the Group

Coordination of the work of the Board and its committees

Active involvement in developing the strategic business plans and objectives of the Group

Active representation of the Group investors, stakeholders and the public


Glodean Nyathi

Chief Executive Officer

Elaine Nyathi

Managing Director


Kennedean Nyathi


Priscs Letsoalo


Our Objectives

To engage cooperate branding of our products and services

To offer our products at a globally competitive price

To ensure customer satisfaction & pioneer new products

To reach break-even point within the first year of existence

To build long-term relationships with our customers

To compile research projects for global opportunities

To be loyal and fair towards our customers

To take pricing into consideration since we want to cater for a wide range of the market hence considering the low class market

To develop our clientele policies on a daily basis with regards to change and flexibility so as to incorporate any market.

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Tel: 072 7089 048

Mobile: 072 7089 048

Fax: 086 540 4999



2 Beaumont Street

Sonneveld X19